The Ada Municipal Airport Departures (ADT/KADH) is a small regional airport located in Ada, a city in the state of Oklahoma, United States. It serves as the primary airport for Ada and the surrounding area. The airport handles a moderate amount of air traffic, with a few commercial flights departing and arriving daily. It is situated approximately 5 kilometers (3 miles) southwest of the city center, making it easily accessible to travelers.

(ADT/KADH) Ada Municipal Airport Departures Today Timetable – 1st December 2023 in United States

The timetable includes details of all flights, on today 1st December 2023 including their scheduled departure times, destinations, flight numbers, and airline carriers. Passengers can conveniently check the live information to stay informed about any delays or changes in their departure. Whether it is a domestic, international, or charter flight, Ada Municipal Airport aims to provide efficient and reliable service to all its travelers, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free journey.

The Departures timetable is updated regularly and provides real-time information on all domestic, international, and charter flights Departure from the Ada Municipal Airport.

Ada Municipal Airport Departures (ADT/KADH)

Important Information

Before heading to Ada Municipal Airport for departures, please keep the following information in mind:

  • Arrive at least 2 hours prior to your scheduled departure time.
  • Check-in online or at the airport counter, depending on the airline.
  • Ensure you have any necessary travel documents such as a valid passport or identification.
  • Review the airport’s security guidelines and pack your bags accordingly.
  • Be aware of any restricted items and prohibited substances.
  • Once at the airport, proceed to the designated departure gate for your flight.

Airport Facilities

While waiting for your departure at Ada Municipal Airport, you can take advantage of the following facilities:

  • Restaurants and cafes offering a variety of food and beverages.
  • Shops for any last-minute travel necessities or souvenirs.
  • Lounges for passengers looking for a comfortable and quiet environment.
  • Free Wi-Fi access throughout the airport.
  • ATMs and currency exchange services.
  • Information desk for any queries or assistance.

Contact Information of Ada Municipal Airport

Contact Info

City Hall Hours

  • Monday-Friday: 8am to 4pm
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed

Ensure you are well-prepared and have all the necessary information before your departure from Ada Municipal Airport. Safe travels!

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